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Testimonials 4

  • February 3, 2014
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I really thought my situation was hopeless, I was expecting to go to jail from the courtroom, I had already fired my big hotshot attorney from encino who had dug me a very deep hole, a friend of mine told me of Mr.Nehme and I saw what he did for him so I hired Anthony Nehme and I am 100% positive that no other lawyer ( at least not one I could ever find ) could of done what Mr Nehme did for me. He has a very powerful and I guess you’d call it charisma that just radiated confidence and calmness ( I was really nervous and worried ) he told me not to worry and I believed him. He basically saved my life because jail would of been a life ruining event for me. People if your out there and reading this I cannot emphasize enough that if you need THE BEST lawyer you would be very very smart and hire Mr Nehme because he not only kicked ass for me, he also saved 2 of my good friends who’s cases were actually way more serious than mine and they are both exonerated. I can not ever thank Mr Nehme enough and I owe my freedom to him.