Our Government can take away your driver license, your liberty, and in some cases your life. But before they can attempt to do so, they would have to go through me. I started my career with one goal in mind – helping the innocent and the accused. I have a proven track record in successfully defending DUI cases.

What needs to be done after a DUI Arrest?

After being released from the custody of the police you will need to prepare to take action right away. Knowing what to do as soon as you are released from jail will ensure that your rights are protected. YOU MUST ACT NOW.

Prepare to fight your case !

Do I need to request a DMV Hearing if I already have a court date?

YES! You MUST request your DMV Hearing within 10 days of your arrest or you will lose your hearing rights and they will suspend your license even if you are innocent! The DMV Hearing is separate from the court and you must request a hearing even if you have a date set to go to court. Don’t let the DMV throw you under the bus and steal your license without a fight! Do NOT plead guilty to something you are NOT GUILTY of ! Even if you can’t afford an attorney, call us and we will meet with you, free of charge, and:

1) Educate you about DUIs

2) Answer your questions

3) Evaluate your case

4) Discuss potential defenses